Western Organic Dairy Producers Alliance

WODPA's Alternative ORPP Proposal​

WODPA has not endorsed OTA’s Check-Off Proposal.  We have however, attempted to influence the content of the proposal. Our assessment is that the proposal contains serious flaws.  Accordingly, WODPA has submitted an alternate partial Check-Off Proposal with the following goals in mind:
1.      Voting rights for all certified producers and handlers regardless of size in the initial referendum.
2.      The Order must be approved by not less than two-thirds of the producers voting in such referendum and not less than two-thirds of the handlers and importers voting in such referendum.
3.      A single eligible voter may cast one vote in the referendum regardless of the number of organic certificates held.
4.      True equal producer representation on the Board should a two-thirds majority of producers and handlers approve creation of an Organic Check-Off Program.

See the following links for our letter to Administrator Alonzo and our partial proposal which addresses the above and more.

​- WODPA's Letter to Administrator Alonzo

​- WODPA's Alternative Partial Check-Off Proposal