Ward Burroughs, California (vista@fire2wire.com)     
Ward dairies in Merced County with his wife Rosie, daughter Christina and her Brian Bylsma and son Zeb and his wife Meridith Burroughs. Ward is on the board for his thrid time, previously serving as second vice president from 2007-2010. He is a 1974 graduate in Farm Management from Cal Poly, SLO. California Cloverleaf Dairy and Full Circle Dairy ship their milk to Organic West.
Upon graduating from California State University, Chico in 2006, Darby became manager of the newly transitioning organic dairy at the Chico State University Farm. The Chico State Organic Dairy milks 85 cross bred cows and uses a seasonal calving, grass based system.

Ex Officio

Tony Schilter, Washington (sunny@localaccess.com)
Tony and his wife Sunny, dairy in Lewis County, in Chehalis, Washington with their son Lonny and his wife Michelle, who are partners in the family business. Lonny is a graduate of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Lonny and Michelle plan to carry on the family dairying tradition. They milk about 250 Holstein cows and run about 250 head of young stock. Tony and Lonny focus heavily on milk quality and have had many years of success. They started shipping to Horizon Organic in 2006. Tony has served on several Boards throughout the years including Farm Credit Board of Directors, Dairgold Board of Directors, and has more than 30 years of service with the USDA Soil Conservation Board. Tony was nominated as Treasurer of WODPA in the Fall of 2013. Tony and Sunny have two sons and one daughter. Wendy, their daughter attended Cal Poly San Lois Obispo, then received her Masters from the University of Florida. She now lives in Illinois and is a counselor at Freeport Community College. Tony and Sunny's youngest son, Monty is a graduate of Virginia Tech where he studied Agriculture Economics, he is now in upper management within Darigold. 



Darby Heffner, California (WODPA@outlook.com)   

2nd Vice President

Vice President



Sean Mallett,  Idaho 
208-308-2590 (seanmallett@msn.com)
Sean Mallett and his wife Staci own Harmony Organic Dairy in Twin Falls, Idaho. They have been certified organic since 2007 and  producing organic milk since January 2008. Harmony is a grazing dairy utilizing Management Intensive Grazing (MIG) practices on diverse pastures.  Like the pastures, the cowherd is filled with diverse breeds suitable for the grazing .  In his free time, Sean enjoys spending time with his children - Spencer, Sawyer and Savannah - out in Nature.  Sean's Motto: "Treat the Earth Well...It was not given to us by our Grandparents, but lent to us by our children."

Executive Director

Jennifer Beretta, Santa Rosa, CA

Beretta Dairy is located in Santa Rosa, CA. They milk about 300 Holstein and Jersey cows. We have about 400 acres 
total, 150 are designated for the endangered flowers so we are unable to irrigate those, but are able to irrigate 250 acres for pasture. We are able to make silage our self and also are able to cut hay on some of our ground for a 2nd and 3rd cutting. We are able to irrigate the pastures in the summer which allows grazing through the summer where many dairies around the area are not able to because they are dependent on rainfall. The dairy has been in operation for 55 years, we have been shipping organic milk to Wallaby for 8 years. 

Ryan Mensonides, Enumclaw WA

Richard Mathews (rhmathews51@comcast.net)

 (717) 457- 0100

Richard joined WODPA as its first Executive Director on May 15, 2013. He has nearly 34 years of experience serving American Agriculture through various USDA positions and programs. He was the lead regulation writer responsible for the second proposed rule and final rule establishing the National Organic Standards. Shortly after publication of the organic final rule, Richard was promoted to the Program Manager/Associate Deputy Administrator of the National Organic Program. He also researched and wrote pasture and other livestock provisions providing clarity and specificity to the NOP livestock standards. 

Western Organic Dairy Producers Alliance