Associate Membership is open to any business, organization, or individual who does not produce organic milk. 

Associate membership is a nonvoting membership category.  Associate Members receive one free copy (per issue) of WODPA’s publication the Integrity.  Business/Organization Associate Members qualify for a 5% discount when advertising in the Integrity’s spring and fall issues.

Please click here for 2017 Associate Membership Form 

Associate Membership 2017:

Eden Organic Grains Inc.

Associate Membership 2016: 

Associated Feed 

Bio-Vet, Inc. 

Blue River Hybrids 

CHS Nutrition 

Cargill Feed and Nutrition 

Crossley Consulting 

​Clover Stornetta Farms 

Crystal Creamery 

DLF Seeds 

Genesis Feed Products

Genske Mulder & Co., LLP

Great Lakes Cheese 

JKB Energy 

Lebanon Auction Yard, Inc 

Malibu Compost 

Organic Valley 

Shafer Commodities, Inc.

Sierra Oragnics 

Spalding Labs

Straus Family Creamery 

Sunrise Foods International 


Thorvin, Inc. 

Washington Department of Agriculture - Organic Program 

Associate Membership 2015:
Clover Stornetta Farms, Inc. 
Crossley Consulting 
Genesis Feed Products
​Glanbia Foods, Inc. 
Great Lakes Cheese Co., Inc.
Horizon Organic   
Lebanon Auction Yard
Matrix Nutrition, LLC
Min - Ad, Inc. 
Shafer Commodities, Inc
Spalding Lab's

Western Organic Dairy Producers Alliance