Western Organic Dairy Producers Alliance


One - Cent Program Participants: 
Alexandre Acres
​Alexandre Dairy
Avelar Brothers Dairy
Creekside Farms 
CSU Chico, College of Agriculture, Organic Dairy
Dykstra Farms, LLC​
Grand Canyon Dairy, LLC 
Miranda Dairy 
Seamist Organics​

​​Voluntary Contribution: 
Double T Acres 
Fagundes Dairy 
Kehoe Dairy
Mike Miranda Dairy 
Son-Ton Farms
Veeman Dairy LLC 

​​Our Dairy Producer sponsors for the period of January 1, 2015 - December 31, 2015:
$1.50 per Milking Cow Participants: 

Bar M
​Beretta Dairy 

​Brodt Dairy
Brook Acres Dairy 
Bucher Farms 
California Cloverleaf Farm
Cantagee Farms Inc 

Chuckanut Holsteins
​Collenberg Dairy
Diamond M Dairy 
Del Mar Farms
Edelweiss Dairy Inc.
Full Circle Dairy 
​Gamlake Dairy 
George Bianchi, Inc
Harmony Organic Dairy, LLC
Haugen Family Farm, LLC
Hopewell Farm, LLC 
Hughes Dairy 
JLT Ranch
Johnson Dairy Inc.  
Lafranchi Ranch
Magneson Dairy 
McClelland's Dairy 
Mesman Farms
Moretti Family Dairy 
Nature's Way Dairy, LLC
Osceola Jerseys, LLC
Pieter Deelstra Dairy
Pete and Becky Lepori Dairy
Postmus Organic Farm 
Pozzi Dairy
R & J McClelland Dairy 
Renati Dairy
River Bend Jerseys  
Robert McClelland Dairy
Spring Valley Farms 
Sunrise Organic Dairy
Tejas Dunes, LLC. 
Thomas Valley Farm
Valley View Dairy 
Walter Stornetta Ranch 
Wangsgard Willow Dairy
Wessen Organic Diary, LLC

Associate Membership 2015:

Clover Stornetta Farms, Inc. 

Crossley Consulting 
Genesis Feed Products
​Glanbia Foods, Inc. 
Great Lakes Cheese Co., Inc.
Horizon Organic   
Lebanon Auction Yard
Matrix Nutrition, LLC
Min - Ad, Inc. 
Shafer Commodities, Inc
Spalding Lab's